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What Is Managed IT Services? 

What is Managed IT Services? MSP (Managed Service Provider) is the practice of unloading day-to-day IT issues and functions as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.  Managed IT Services are your virtual help desk department.

Why do I need Managed IT Services? All companies can benefit from Managed IT Services, a lot of day to day issues can arise and come on very fast in the IT world. When you use a Managed IT Service like BornBinary, your IT staff will be able to tackle the real pressing issues while BornBinary takes the extra issues off their minds.

Why should I choose BornBinary?  With our care and attention to detail we will be able to help you and your IT staff. We can help small and even large business work through any struggle you have maintaining your workload. We will be able to lower your ticket count and provide customer care to your employees. We don’t just love taking care of computers,  we also love taking care of people.

What services do you offer? We currently host plenty of problem solving solutions:

  • Remote Support to End Users: BornBinary will be able to provide remote support to your end users. We will be able to fix typical issues that an end user would have with their machine.
    • Trouble Shooting
      • PC Trouble Shooting
      • Tablet Trouble Shooting
      • Cell Phone Trouble Shooting
      • Virus Removals
    • Software Installs
    • Patches and Updates
  • Level one Help Desk: BornBinary can be your level one help desk. Given access to your ticketing system BornBinary would be able to help close out your tickets, rise customer service response time to your end users, fits easily in your company’s budget!

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